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Building our solutions with empathy, reflection and precision is at the heart of our approach to really help people in their daily lives and their future.

Use Oplan™ on your Smartboard

Guide all your students at once

Use OplanTM to guide class activities, exams, etc. Ease transitions and give them insight about what they should be doing. More freetime for you to help special needs students.

Illustration of teacher using Oplan web app on a smartboard

Fast and easy way to create plans

Add steps & time

Create basic or heavily detailed plans for your lessons, task sets, activities, routines, or even exams. Insert different types of content (text, images, and other upcoming elements such as content from external apps).

Oplan's interface page ; creation of a plan

Help your non-reader students by using pictograms

Select pictograms from libraries

Use various sets of recognized PCS to insert in your plan to help guide users throughout their task with meaningful instructions.

Oplan's page interface; add images to plan

Share your methodology with your students


Share plans, tasks and instructions to all your student that they can modify and run.

Analyse data

Know how they have been performing and where they struggle.

Oplan's share options page interface

Improve the way you use your time

Use results from reading

This makes it easier to adapt your plans to your actual pace, try out different structures, and see in real time the effect of those trials on achieving your teaching/learning goals.

Oplan's statistic page interface

Let our template library inspire you

Choose libraries

Have a plan ready to use in seconds with the plan templates. Get inspired by templates or good practices from Oplan’s team, your colleagues, your students or even Oplan’s community.

Oplan's interface page ; template library

Print your plans for your students using Sequence

Print in two clicks

Print it to take the plan out of the computer for exams, younger students or places without any device (e.g.: Such as a routine).

Oplan's print option page interface
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Promotes auto-regulation and autonomy
By displaying all the information needed and fostering task-engagement
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Self-awareness and improved metacognition
By providing data allowing the user to understand and reflect on their strengths and challenges.
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The ease-to-use software makes it simple for the user to adjust their own plan in an instant.
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Builds resilience
Students can face a challenges against which they can take action and learn from their efforts in a supportive environment.
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Alleviate differentiation challenges
Plans can be easily adapted to students or intervention plans and shared with other teachers or support staff.
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Classroom management
By reducing the need to repeat information or monitor time, teachers have more time to help students with comprehension issues.

Group activity

Use OplanTM to ease transition, manage teams and work when doing class activities

Classroom group activity with Oplan web app on the board

Individual work

Let your students stay on task by providing them with individual plans they can modify to their needs. This way, they can use them at their own pace, in class or outside.

Individual work by student with Oplan web app helping time management


Help your students to finish their evaluation on time, even those with special needs.

Student in exam with Oplan web app in background

Follow a session or give a presentation

OplanTM is an excellent guide to help your students plan and perform presentations without forgetting their arguments and respecting the time allowed.

Teacher presenting a task with Oplan web app on the board

Remote learning or reverse classroom

OplanTM provides students with a visual task coach that lets them know where they are supposed to be in their homework or lesson plan, no matter where they are working from. A great way to stay focused, even at home!

Oplan's web app interface on a laptop

Teacher planning

Determine how much time you want to spend on each part of your teaching and make sure students will spend most of their time practicing what you taught them.

Teacher presenting the planning inside Oplan's web app

Special needs classroom

OplanTM is ideal for personalization, sharing intervention plans, providing simple visual cues to process and more. Therefore, it is the perfect tool for this context.

Teacher helping a student at his desk
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